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Food As Healing

In June 2018, Bay Area non-profit, Real Food Real Stories partnered with the Asian Art Museum to create an audio / visual experience entitled Food As Healing. Over centuries, food has played a major role in the healing of individuals and communities, providing medicine, comfort, shared experience and vocation for those who are fractured.

Curated by Real Food Real Stories, this project explores the role of food in the lives of seven food changemakers. Those who took on deep introspection and personal transformation and now are actively working to provide healing to individuals, communities and our planet through their mission driven work.

You can listen to the full project here.

Kat served as the project’s audio engineer.

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Why is That a Thing?

This world makes no sense. Why do sharks get to have multiple rows of teeth while we only have one? Why do humans kiss on the mouth? Why does bread taste so good? Why do we yawn when we see other people yawn? And why on earth did that chicken have to cross the road?

In the podcast ‘Why is That a Thing?’ Kat, with child-like curiosity, tries to find some answers to her biggest questions in the weird, inconsistent and illogical world we live in. The three-part series explores gender as a social construct, death anxiety and the ways we try to cope with it (read: deny), and whether or not we are all alone in the universe.

‘Why is That a Thing’ has won a Society of Professional Journalists’ Mark of Excellence Award in In-Depth Reporting.

You can listen to the full project here.

Kat served as the podcast’s producer, host, and editor.


RFRS Radio Hour

Through the years, Real Food Real Stories has harnessed the intimate power of storytelling, time and time again, as a means of connecting members of the Bay Area food movement. These gatherings have touched hearts, provoked thoughts and inspired us. And now, with the RFRS Radio Hour, these stories can be experienced - either again, or for the first time - and interacted with in an entirely new and exciting way. Hear from changemakers of the food movement wherever you are- whether it be driving home from work, on the bus, or washing dishes.

You can listen to this podcast here.

Kat serves as the podcast’s producer and editor.

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